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Healthy berries in autumn Part2

The sea buckthorn ( Hippophae rhamnoides ) is defined by its silvery leaves and orange fruits. These fruits are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin E, beta -carotene, oil, flavones, tannins, tannic acid. Sea buckthorn berries are ideal to get your strength and recover quickly from illness. Of course, these berries a very good health care. Who has a good supporting buckthorn shrub in the garden, should freeze some of the fruit for the winter months.

No real wild plant is the Firethorn ( Pyracantha coccinea), originally from the Mediterranean shine of its yellow to orange to red colored fruits in many gardens and parks. Its branches are covered with thorns, making a pick quite difficult.

Just painful to pick is called the sloe or blackthorn (Prunus spinosa). Before the first frost harvested the fruit is hard, and very sour. Only after it has been exposed to temperatures below freezing ( Not enough to freeze ) is the fruit softer and sweeter. Of the native birds, the blackthorn is eaten rather than Notfrucht.

Goji berries can be eaten plain or dried, whereby they fit well in sauces, soups or salads. According to scientific studies from the U.S. daily 30 grams suffice to supply the body with sufficient cell-protective substances. If you like, Goji can purchase in another form. Thus corresponding juices, granola bars, and teas are available. For all those who love sweets, there are even goji chocolate.

Healthy fruits goji berry

We want to give them even more arguments about health today. In particular, fruit, no matter what state, have many vitamins and nutrients. In the next issue we will give them, not so long, imagine many fruits individually.

We can ask all search engines or even the classical lexicons. It always comes one and the same fruit as a result. The goji berry, also called wolfberry. Many will wonder why they have never heard of it. That may have many reasons, but to calm had to say that it is only recently really on the rise. To our surprise, however, one must realize that the goji berry has been used by the Chinese monks as a medicine thousands of years ago. Therefore, the origin can today only guess at China. Knowledge can not remember exactly. But we come to what we already know concretely. The goji berry looks very similar to the hip. It is " a small, bright red fruit," which tastes a bit like a mixture of cranberry and cherry. Dried, however, she looks like a raisin.

The goji berry is one of wolfberries, a solanaceous plant, harvested.

In China, they used the Goji berry for generations for problems with high blood pressure and blood sugar. It also serves to support the immune system. More extremely positive properties have now been scientifically confirmed also in America and Europe. So has the berry via strong antioxidant ( cell protective ) properties. This can for example be significantly slows the aging process. In Goji contained carotenoids also promote blood supply to the eye. They contribute effectively to the protection of the optic nerve, which is very much at risk especially in the case of glaucoma.

The goji berry is almost unbeatable content. It contains a very high content of vitamin C + B and 18 building blocks of protein and 21 trace elements.

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